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Crowdfunding for Pets & Animals

Let Friends, Family, and Supporters crowdfund your next litter or foster and help non-profit charities at the same time! Each vote supports the animal in the care of the fundraising organizer, making fundraising for foster “pawrents” and shelters alike super easy! 

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What does PetNamy do?

Have fun naming your pet while supporting animal shelters and rescues! Submit names to sponsor.After 60 days, the organizer picks a name for a pet or animal or a litter.

Free For Organizers
Organizers will fundraise without any fees. They will receive a one-time bulk payment to support their animals or pets.
Free To Join
Sponsors can join and suggest names or support those already listed. A 10% fee is added to donations to cover all costs.
Simple Fundraising
Start and share your PetNamy in just a few minutes, knowing your crowdfunding can run 10~60 days.
Community Support
With Friends & Fans nationwide, help your animal or a litter find their forever homes by generating interest through updates & photos!

Your PetNamy can help with:


Save the lives of animals


Prevention, injuries & illness


Bedding, food and more

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