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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to common questions about managing your campaign, donations, selecting names, payouts, and more.

PetNamy is a crowdfunding platform for people and animal-related organizations that need help naming animals in their care or companionship. The goal is to involve the community in choosing a name for the animal, especially if it doesn't have one or if it's changing guardianship.

Using PetNamy is not just about finding names for new litters or pets; it's about making a difference in the lives of these animals. By showcasing the animals available for adoption, PetNamy aids rescue and shelter services in finding new homes. This, in turn, helps cover costs and supports non-profits dedicated to animal welfare.

Signing up is free. There are NO costs for creating and managing campaigns. Sponsors donate as gifts to the fundraiser.

Anyone can sponsor names on your fundraiser. They can choose from the listed names or suggest their own to add to the fundraiser.

Sponsors are welcome to suggest names for the animal. This allows for a creative and varied naming process. However, it's important to note that once your campaign is live, you won't be able to change or update the animal's gender, type, percentage of donations to charity, or PetNamy name types (First Name, Middle Name, or Both Names).

They can be as big as an elephant or as small as a mouse. We do not have insects on our list, so naming all the ants in your ant farm is not allowed. Pretty much any animal that is in your care, guardianship, etc. If a minor with a new pet wants to fundraise, the parents must start and manage the fundraiser, as a bank account is required.

It’s important to remember that you can only run a fundraiser for animals in your care. If you know someone who needs assistance with their pet, we encourage you to recommend that they use PetNamy.

Creating a fundraising campaign on PetNamy is simple. First, sign in and click the "Start your PetNamy" button. Then, provide the necessary information, such as the animal's title, description, and photos. After that, you can invite others to join in the excitement of naming and sharing the animal with them. It is important to remember that you can create a fundraiser for each animal in your care that requires a new name. 

These are starter names the Fundraiser starts with to express the kind of names they are looking for. Up to three initial name suggestions can be made for each first and middle name. This helps people suggest what kind of names they may suggest and sponsor. The more they like the name, the more they’ll donate! 

Absolutely. You can choose a name that resonates with you, even if it's not the highest sponsored name. Choosing a lower-ranking name shifts a portion of your donations to a non-profit charity you choose when starting the fundraiser.

By allocating funds to a non-profit charity, you're impacting the lives of animals and supporting organizations in need. Organizations like local animal rescues and shelters, etc., may use PetNamy to raise much-needed funds while helping more animals.

Donations designated for the non-profit charity are collected monthly and sent to the selected charity, allowing for a cumulative impact.

PetNamy fundraisers are designed to run for 60 days. Still, you can end it earlier, say after 30 days, which we recommend as the minimum. You may end your fundraiser when the animal is ready to be relocated to its new home or, unfortunately, when it has passed away. 

PetNamy will make a one-time payment and deposit it into your Validated US Bank account within three business days. 

If there are technical issues or mistakes, contact us through a Support Ticket, and we'll work on the issue.

Also, your feedback matters a lot to us! We're eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions as we grow our services. Please help us improve your PetNamy experience!