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stacy passaro is a Animal Foster

i keep telling my grand kids we cant take no more dogs. Like we are up to 4 (2 which i am trying to find homes for) now. Hold up! I have 3 ferrets, s.  which is what i foster and rescue, not dogs. Thats a handful. 

Oops i did it, im letting it stay

This little girl has made a place in our home for herself.  She is loved my all the grandchildren and the neighbors and their dogs,  so i am here today to see what her name should be. 

she is fiesty, and to be as little as she is she the pup sees no size, the pup will jump right up and try to grab those big doggy tongues. she is truly one of the sweetest pups i have had to come thru our home. she definitely has some personality, 

she likes her big brother who is only a couple of months older. where he goes she goes. 

she is a dwarf australian Shephard/boston terriër with we dont know the father is because she looks just like the momma. 

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